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Pyrathane® round cord can be used open ended or welded endless, using our Handi-Weld belt welder, and has excellent flexibility, high tensile strength and remarkable abrasion resistance. Pyrathane® round cord is manufactured by Pyramid Inc. from the finest polyurethane resins which have been selected based on physical properties that make them especially well suited for applications where durability is a necessity. This is the same polyurethane cord from which our Pyrathane® belts are manufactured and is available in cross sectional diameters from .062" (1.57mm) up to .562" (14.27mm). Most fractional and metric equivalents as well as O-ring sizes are stocked in both our Pyrathane® 83A and 92A. In addition to these and other custom sizes between .062" (1.57mm) and .562"(14.27mm), more specialized materials and other durometers can be manufactured if required. Ambient Operating Temperature Limits Are -10 to +150 F (23.3 – 65.6 C)
Pyrathane® materials will operate in temperatures below -10° F (-23.3 C); however, if allowed to rest, they take a set which is difficult to overcome and may indeed cause fracturing upon start up.

For applications with an ambient temperature outside of the above range, Pyramid Inc. has other Pyrathane® compounds which may be more suitable than those listed here.

We also have materials available that are specifically designed for outdoor use or for environments with ultraviolet light exposure or for applications where static dissipation is desirable.
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