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  Pyramid's Diametapes
Handy, accurate, nondestructive belt measuring tool

DiametapeAccurately measuring an elastic belt or O-ring to determine its size (length or centerline diameter) can be a challenge.  Rolling a belt down a ruler is a method often used but provides erroneous results and cutting the belt to measure the length destroys the belt. 

Pyramid’s Diametape is a durable, length-stable measuring tape which provides consistent, accurate, measurements of either the inside diameter (I. D.) or the inside circumference (I. C.) of a belt without destroying the belt.  This information can then be easily converted to provide the centerline circumference measurement which is the actual belt length.  When used properly, this tool will provide very accurate measurements.

The Diametape is an excellent tool to determine the size of a belt you wish to replace. It is also a very quick and accurate quality inspection tool.

Metric Diametapes Now Available

Pyramid now offers a diametape measured on the metric scale so conversions to the English system are no longer necessary.

Sizes available

Pyramid offers two sizes of English diametapes which can both measure either round or flat belts. The smaller diametape can be used to measure belts with inside circumferences as short as 4-1/2” (1.432” inside diameter) or as large as 31.4” (10” inside diameter). The large tape can measure belts with inside circumferences as short as 4-1/2” (1.432” inside diameter) or as large as 60” (19.098” inside diameter). The metric diametape can measure belts with inside circumferences as short as 114.3mm (36.373mm inside diameter) or as large as 1524mm (485.089mm inside diameter).

Method of Measuring

The Diametape is coiled and placed within the belt’s inside diameter while the belt is laying on a flat surface.  The Diametape is then allowed to uncoil and expand until it contacts the entire inside circumference of the belt, straightening out any minor undulations.  Diametape measurements will be accurate even if the belt is not perfectly round.  The inside diameter and the inside circumference of the belt can then be read directly off of the Diametape.  A simple calculation can be used to convert this to the actual belt length.  A Conversion Calculator is located on our website.

Diametapes (with instructions) are priced at $17.50 each for the small and $25.00 each for the large or metric..

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